5 Best Certification Course for aspiring IT Professional

5 Best Certification Course for aspiring IT ProfessionalAs per the growth of today’s world in every technological sector, there is a need for well-trained IT professionals. Even all the businesses are relying on the complexity of the information system. As we know, the professional having an individual certification course can manage the project and the system in a better way.

During the certification course, the IT professional has prepared for its exam and knows all its perquisites. They also have a deep level of knowledge and information to showcase in the real-world experience.  One of the most amazing things about having an IT certification is that it boosts your earning potential.

According to the survey, IT professionals with the certification course degree gain a 20% rise in their salary than the other non-certified IT professionals. The certification allows you to set yourself apart from the rest and help you lent promotions in certain fields.

1. Project Management Professional (PMP)

PMI, Project Management Institute addresses for Project Management Professionals. It is the certification course for the professionals who wants to expand their skills as a project manager. It shows that the project manager has the skills that define, plan, and manage project complexes and ideas as well as knowledge of how to get PMP Certification.

There are certain prerequisites you must know regarding PMP certification Dubai. It includes the certification degree for 4 years, should contain 3 years of experience in leading projects. The course contains 35 hours for education or training or CAMP certification.

The requirement for the application process of the PMP certification is that the candidate should have a high school diploma or associate degree.

The reports suggest that more than 66% of IT professionals have a certification degree and many are planning to opt for the certificate this year. Among all the certifications from the IT department, cloud computing and security has taken the most advantage and is in a list of some of the highest-earning certifications.

2. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL):

AXELOS owns ITIL since 2013 that credits for licensed examination institute for ITIL foundation certificate. ITIL provides the sets for practices of IT service management and better career opportunities with ITIL that allows the management to meet the needs of businesses.

Talking about the average salary of IT professionals, they earn $129,000 if having an IT professional certificate with them. The main aim of the ITIL foundation establishes best practices that reduce and controls the costs of IT management improving IT services and resources.

There is no prerequisite to take exams as its certificate never expires. Preparation is easy and can be taken online.

3 . AWS certified cloud practitioner

Despite many other cloud services, AWS remains the most used cloud provider to date. This certificate is a foundation level certificate. It allows you to verify your basic AWS cloud knowledge, its infrastructures, and architectural principles.

Generally, AWS practitioners can have a yearly salary of $149000 or more. Talking about the AWS exam, it covers all the basic areas, services, and platforms. The exam takes 130 minutes to complete. It includes the prerequisites for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certificate.

It allows your ability to define billing, account management, PMP Certification, pricing models, and more. You have to describe the basic or core applications running on the AWS cloud platform. The candidate should have six months of experience and a basic understanding of IT services in any relevant role.

4. Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)

If you are an IT professional from the IT security department, then no other certification can be better than CISSP. The International Information Security System Certification Consortium is referred to as (ISC)2 that is one level ahead of CISSP certification.

This certification course is considered as one of the world’s largest IT security organizations. It is famous for its specialization in training and certification for IT and cybersecurity professionals. The average salary of the professional having a CISSP certificate is $141,000 per year.

Now, if we see about the prerequisites of the CISSP certification, it requires 5 years of paid relevant work experience in the CBK, CISSP Common Body of Knowledge domain. These requirements are not compulsory as the candidate can still give an exam and can obtain the 6 years of experience later on.

For the (ISC)2 additional credentials require one year of experience for the exam or 4 years of college degree related to IT security department. 100-150 questions are asked in the exams and the fees for the exam is about $699. The exam is taken at local exam centers and can be completed in 3 hours.

5. Six Sigma Certification Course

Across all the domains and industries, Six Sigma is the most popular and used certification course. It involves a set up for the systems and processes. This allows to reduce the time cycle and helps the department to achieve and develop a faster rate of innovation.

Talking about the Six Sigma course, it is the certification course of 3 days that includes the Black Belt, Green Belt, and Master Black Belt. The Six Sigma certificate in any of the belts is obtained through an accreditation body like the American Society for Quality (ASQ).  You can also earn a PDU certificate by attending the 16 hours of PDU training.

The benefits of this certificate to the IT professional and its organization is very necessary. It benefits you as it allows you to reduce risk and errors from the department, improves the processes of the business, and this certificate increases the value in every industry you go.

Now, in this article, you will see all the certification courses including ITIL, PMP, six-sigma, AWS, and many more. All the certifications in this article are highly in demand, have earning potential, and have opportunities in the terms of advanced technology. So, without wasting time, let’s dig into the detailed information about each.


Now, as here we have displayed the five best courses, you can select anyone from them. We guide you to go with the certifications that command you to give the highest salaries and with the indications of the need and opportunities of your carrier.

From our site of view, as an IT professional, one should prefer PMP Certification or ITIL certification course as it is very much necessary for the upcoming technologies.

Thus, this was the article describing five certificates that are very famous and important for the IT professional. I hope you get the idea of the best certification course for you.

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