3 Steps to Become a Lawyer

3 Steps to Become a LawyerThe law profession is very challenging. When you decide to make it your profession, you have to stick by it like a man because there is no way to survive except you know the filed, and practice it with hard work.

When you enter this field, you come across many challenges, so you must have guts to face them.

This article is mainly written to guide those who want to study law and become a lawyer. There are three fundamental steps that must be done for this

The first one is to get the graduation degree, second is to pass the law school test, and the last one is to pass the bar examination. Let us learn about these in detail given below.

  1. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

To become a lawyer, the first thing that you need to do is to get a degree of graduation. You can take this in any subject as there is no restriction of having a law background when you apply for law school. However, they require you to have graduation in advance.

It is mostly recommended that a person may not take the law subjects during graduation. However, the subjects must be selected by keeping future law profession in mind. So, the subjects must be chosen like those that improve analytical ability, communication skills, etc.

  1. Pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

After completing your bachelor’s degree, your next step towards becoming a lawyer is to take the LSAT.

You are supposed to pass this test to enter the law school. It all depends on your score that in which law school you secure your admission.

It is not easy to pass this test, as you will be tested not on the base of your knowledge in law, but on your ability to handle this profession in the future and to survive in the law school. Your analytical skills are mainly taken into account, and you have to prove them to make sure your admission.

  1. Pass your Bar Examination

Well, after you get out of law school, you cannot assume yourself a lawyer, and you cannot start practicing it. You have to first pass the bar examination; then you will be declared as a professional lawyer.

Only after you pass the bar exam, you will be able to start your law firm.

In case you fail to pass the exam, you can start practicing it with some firm to get the experience of the field in the meantime. However, you are officially a lawyer only when you get through this examination successfully.


If you want to become a lawyer, you must have a proper direction in which you want to go.

You have to do all the above things in sequence to earn this profession, and then work even harder to justify yourself for being the right person for this field. So, learn about them, and follow them in the most dedicated way possible.

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