25 Must Have Apps for College Students

25 Must Have Apps for College StudentsThere are mobile apps for just about everything these days, and you would be hard-pushed to find a student who doesn’t use them. And not just for entertainment purposes either. Many students use mobile apps to help them study, and Android and Apple provide hundreds of study apps that are useful and help improve the study process. While most will have their favorite apps, there are some apps that every student should seriously consider using.

iTunes U

If you use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, iTunes U is accessible to you very easily. The app gives you quick and easy access to tons of educational courses from all the best universities, and it’s all free. So if you dreamed of going to Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard, or MIT, download this app today and get free access to all these amazing courses on all different subjects.


Mint is one of the best money management apps available. Most students have money problems at one time or another, and even if they manage to save money, it doesn’t take long to spend it. With Mint.com, you can monitor your money and your spending and set yourself a budget. The app will show you at a glance where your money goes, helping you to cut back, be more responsible, and, hopefully, save a bit. As well as a mobile app, you can also take advantage of a web app.

Any. do

Any.do is used by millions the world over as a kind of to-do list app, helping them organize their tasks. If you need to-do lists, if you need to sync your tasks with other devices for easier accessibility, or need to add new items to your list, this is the app for you. Features include being able to change task priority, mark tasks as finished, or if you want to remove everything from your list, shake your device. The app has a home-screen widget for easy access. You can download apps like these and more from the AltStore appstore for iPhone.


A macOS clipboard manager, JumpCut is an app that helps you access every text you copied and pasted previously.  Most students frequently use the copy and paste buttons when writing their essays, and the application can save a great deal of time when you want to re-use something you copied and pasted before.

Inbox by Gmail

How often do you struggle with your email because your inbox doesn’t have the features you need? In that case, you need Inbox for Gmail. It has tons of features built-in so that you can see similar emails together, check-off the emails you dealt with, snooze your calendar reminders, and much more.

Cliff’s Notes

Cliff’s Notes is the ideal app for students studying literature and producing papers on how they have read. This app provides all the information you need about characters in the book, the theme or plot, and a summary of each book. You can also get an audio version of the app so you can listen whenever you want to get ready for your tests.


Scribd is, without any doubt, the largest online library in the world. While it does require a subscription, new users get a free trial and access to millions of books and documents to help with their studies. This data is shared worldwide, and you can easily sort them by topic, making it easier to find what you want.


With Dropbox, you no longer need to worry about losing your notes or your coursework. You can upload your files, videos, photos, and documents to the cloud and access them from wherever you want to online. Left your phone at home? Simply logon to Dropbox on any computer, and your documents are right there.  All you need is a connection to the internet, and you can even share your files with others who have a Dropbox account too.


Before a new semester starts, every student knows that they’ve got a ton of books to buy to get through their studies. Don’t be too quick to spend all your cash, though. With a free application called Chegg, you can rent many of those textbooks, save yourself money and avoid having piles of unneeded books lying around after. Please search for the book you want and order it. If you already have tons of books you no longer need, you can rent them to other students via the app too.


How many different to-do lists do you need to write? One for your exams, one for your essays, another for your social life. With Clear, you can synchronize all your to-do lists so you can access them from wherever you are, no matter what device you are using, and all you need is access to the internet.


There is nothing more challenging for some people than math, be it tests or homework, and sometimes working out the right answer is not easy. With a mobile app called Mathway, you can search for any math, geometry, or algebra solution just by inputting your task into the app and seeing if the solution you came up with matches what the app says.


There’s nothing college students want more than to know everything that is going on but deadlines, essays, exams, even part-time jobs get in the way of doing that. The Feed.ly app is an RSS aggregator, bringing all your news together in one simple feed. Indicate what news you want and get a notification whenever something appears.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

The app name is self-explanatory and is ideal for math students looking to solve equations efficiently and quickly. Now, if you leave your calculator behind, you always have the help you need to hand.


Venmo is free to use and links your mobile device to your bank account. This makes it easier to pay the money you owe back without having to handle cash. You can collect money owed to you, share payments with your friends, pay bills, pay back what you owe, and much more.


Most students would probably agree that the hardest part of writing an essay is doing the bibliography and citations. Not only do you have to create the list, but you also have to do it in APA or MLA format. With EasyBib, you input the book’s title, and the citation is produced for you; all you do is copy it to your bibliography.

The Oxford Dictionary

One of the best apps for those who need to know what words mean quickly, the Oxford Dictionary app is free to use. It lists all the words you expect to find in a dictionary, plus some rare words too, and it gives you a detailed definition. You can also get both US and UK English variations of words, audio pronunciations, and much more.


How cool would it be if you could convert any file you wanted into a PDF instantly? Well, Snap2PDF does just that. It’s easy to use; take a photo of what you want to be converted and use the app to convert it into a PDF with a single click; it’s that simple.


Studious is a useful app that reminds you of upcoming deadlines, tests, lecture times, even lecture subjects. All you have to do is input the information into the app, and it will send you the reminders, so you don’t miss anything.


Viber is a great app for those studying far from home and can’t get back to their friends and family very often. You can talk to people for free, share your news, videos, and photos, and never lose contact with anyone ever again.

Google Drive

Lots of students work with Google docs – and a lot of them. Therefore, it makes sense to have instant access to all your docs from any device and location. With the Google Drive mobile app and an internet connection, you can do just that.


Another dictionary app is the perfect app for those who read lots of books on lots of subjects where there is a high probability of coming across unusual words. Dictionary.com will help you find definitions for words you don’t know, and it also shows you what words the people around you are looking for too.


If you are studying foreign languages, Duolingo is the perfect app to help you learn the words you don’t know, prepare for tests and generally improve your knowledge of a language with lots of tasks to complete. It is completely free to download and works on both iOS and Android devices.


Most people have heard of TED talks, and this app contains conferences from across the world in the highest quality videos. Here, you can listen to educators, business experts, music legends, computer geniuses, and many more right there on your mobile device.


We all know how easy it is to become distracted from what we are doing, and students are no exception. They look at social media, checking out photos of their friends, telling the world how they feel when they are in a lecture, and much more. With the SelfControl app, specific websites are blocked from distracting you for a preset amount of time, allowing you to focus on exactly what you need.  When your lecture or essay is done, you can freely take a break and go back to your web browsing once more.

Lemon Wallet

How often have you dropped your wallet or left it somewhere on campus? With Lemon Wallet, you have a convenient mobile wallet and instant access to protection against identity theft. Never again do you need to worry about losing your wallet on campus again.

These are some of the coolest must-have apps for all students, making life much easier all around. Give them a shot; some are free, some require subscriptions, but they are all worth a look.

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