10 Reasons Why Students Need to Write More, Type Less

10 Reasons Why Students Need to Write More, Type LessTechnology penetrates to all areas of our life. Children learn how to type as soon as they learn the alphabet. People rely on their gadgets more than on their physical abilities.

Do you remember how to hand-write? If your answer is “yes”, read this article and get to know why it’s bad.

Reason 1: The Development of Mental Faculties

Writing by hand engages neural pathways that are not used when you type. This fact was proved by the professors of Indiana University who tracked patterns of brain functioning.

Students who wrote by hand and those who typed were given MRI in the process. The device showed that children who wrote by hands applied more mental efforts if compared to those who were typing.

This means that by hand-writing children stimulate mental work to a greater extent.

Reason 2: Train Your Memory

Other studies revealed that writing by hand improves your memory.

Experts state that the information you type stays in your memory for only 24 hours. If you used to make written notes, you could retain information in your mind for one week.

Thus, you can have a better grasp of the concepts when you make notes during lectures. It’s better if you use audio files or read textbooks. When writing, you let the ideas pas via consciousness that activates memorization.

Reason 3: Improved Grammar and Spelling

This benefit follows from the previous reason: when writing, you memorize more words, expressions, strengthen your grammar skills and spelling.

You activate specific neural pathways that are responsible for brainpower. Children learning alphabet can take benefits from hand-writing.

Also, adults who don’t take notes by hand often forget grammar rules and start to make more grammar mistakes. If you practice hand-writing regularly, no one will tell you that you’re illiterate.

Grammar is important when you compose your resume. Otherwise, you can apply for assistance of resumewriters reviews to compose a resume without grammar errors. It’s important to represent you at best in the eye of potential employers.

Reason 4: Useful When Learning Alphabet

Writing by hand is one of the most useful activities for small children who learn writing. By writing different words, children learn how different letters are used and pronounced. This helps memorize different expressions and recall them when needed.

When typing, children use eyes and fingerprints. Writing by hand involves several tactile experiences, develops motor functions, eyes, and large body muscles.

In this way, children train mental alertness and concentration when learning letters.

Reason 5: Improved Composition and Performance

Children who take notes by hand differentiate from those who like typing by their creative ability and better performance at school.

This is a fact proven by the research of the University of Washington. In addition, elementary students who write can complete tasks faster than their typing peers, make longer compositions, and compose more sentences.

Experienced writers also make their first drafts by hand despite the fact that they can access typing gadgets.

Reason 6: The Development of Creative Approach

Students used to type, not write. Typing is easier because you can type and erase phrases by pressing the delete button. When you write by hand, you need to cross the sentences you don’t like.

What is the difference? Does this matter? Yes, it does.

By crossing out the sentences, you stimulate the work of your subconscious, and you develop and polish your best ideas using your written notes as guidance. This doesn’t happen when you type: you erase the phrases and forget what was right or wrong.

Thus, you can develop your creativity and cultivate your best ideas.

Reason 7: Better Health

Your body can benefit if you use the correct posture when writing.

When writing, you can strengthen your shoulders, wrists, elbows, and fingers. This can help you to perform vital body functions like carrying items, playing musical instruments, and cutting.

Also, writing by hand helps avoid carpal tunnel or joint pain.

This is not the case with typing: people who type regularly often experience carpal tunnel syndrome. Typing can be very harmful to children whose bones, muscles, and joints are forming.

Reason 8: Helps Win Dyslexia

Surprisingly, but more than 15% of the population suffer from various learning disabilities.

Dyslexia is one of them, and hand-writing helps solve this problem. Writing in cursive is helpful when treating dyslexia. It’s easier for dyslexic children to learn cursive because they move from one letter to another fluidly.

Besides, each sentence starts on a baseline. Therefore, students having dyslexia can learn how to compose sentences.

Reason 9: Stimulates Actions

It may sound strange, but the intentions you wrote down are likely to become your reality. All business coaches encourage their students to write down their ideas and dreams to make them come true someday.

Make a list of your goals and start to reach them. It would be better if you put the list in plain view. Your hand-written notes will remind you about your promises and stimulate to act.

 Reason 10: Helps Develop Your Style

You can polish your writing style by spelling. By writing, editing, improving, and polishing, you sharpen your style and invent your expressions.

Each writer is recognizable by his/her style, and you have a chance to develop your own. This can be useful when studying at a university because you will be assigned tons of written papers. The personal style is essential in academic writing as it helps stand out and get good marks.


Nowadays, students should use their hand-writing skills more often. It contributes to the development of muscles and bones, helps fight learning diseases, and become more creative.

However, the tendency to type is overwhelming and modern students don’t use pens. It can be explained by the reluctance to contemplate the information they get. It’s much easier to receive information without processing.

Spelling encourages students to process information and make appropriate conclusions. This may lead to stupor and degradation. Therefore, students should practice hand-writing and teachers should encourage them to do it.

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