10 Reasons to Use Khan Academy as a Student

People are living at a time when online education occupies an important niche in everyday life. They turn to online education when they want to improve their knowledge base or learn something new. Additionally, it is a good opportunity to obtain specialized education, pass courses or training, and even get a degree.

In the Internet space, education is driven by enthusiasts. Students can turn to the custom essay writing service for help when they realize that they cannot deliver their projects on time due to workload. Those who want to understand material difficult for them seek help from such educational organizations as Khan Academy.

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational site powered by people living with the goal that sounds like “everyone and everywhere should be able to get free education.” Why is this site at the top of student recommendation lists? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Variety of disciplines

In general, Khan Academy has a variety of exact sciences disciplines. Among them are:

  • Maths;
  • Finance;
  • Chemistry;
  • Biology;
  • Physics;

Besides, students are offered lectures on history, literature, and art. For those people who like numbers in examples they see, the site has almost 5 thousand completely free lectures.

2. Programming is easy

Khan Academy will help the student to get a specialty in the currently demanded programmer field. Thanks to the information base, a person can learn such programming languages as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. They will be useful when a person needs to create a website or want to participate in the game development.

3. Free Education

Using Khan Academy for education is absolutely free. Big companies and famous personalities are interested in this educational organization. Khan Academy partners include Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, Google, NASA, and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). These partners donate large sums for the development and content of the portal. People who study through this site can make charitable contributions, but this is a purely voluntary decision.

4. Content quality

With Khan Academy, it does not matter at all what kind of mentality a person has. Is someone into humanities or exact sciences? It does not matter as well. All educational content is designed in such a way that disciplines that used to be scary will become simple and clear. Likewise, the essay writing service will make any information a student needs easy to learn.

Use Khan Academy as a Student

5. Convenience of the interface

The most important thing in the educational portal is not to get lost in the variety of courses. Khan Academy does an excellent job with this task. In the header of the site, there is a drop-down window where the courses are sorted by their subject.

6. Learning is a game

At Khan Academy, people receive awards and badges for watching videos, taking courses, and completing assignments to strengthen the received knowledge. There is no competitive feeling on the portal itself because no other features of the site are unlocked by the achievements. Mainly, it serves as personal motivation and encouragement for students who care about any aspect of the interaction.

7. Linguistic diversity

At the moment of writing this information, the site has been translated into 36 languages thanks to volunteers. The primary language is English, so some language versions may have less information. Nonetheless, everyone can take part in the development of the portal in their own language.

8. Preparing for the standardized test for admission to higher education institutions in the United States

Basically, the SAT test results show how well prospective students perform on assignments and demonstrate the skills acquired during studying at school. While the SAT may not have much of an impact on college rankings, it is still a pretty important test. Khan Academy offers complete and quality training in all SAT items. Alternatively, a person can also practice:

  • LSAT
  • Core Math
  • Core Writing
  • Core Reading
  • MCAT

9. Instructions are educational life

The hardest part of teaching is finding an approach to different levels of students. Someone easily perceives new information of any complexity, while another person has to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to solve a seventh-grade math problem. Khan Academy is a place where it is understood that each person has their own learning rate and degree of information perception.


What is the hardest part for people who study online? Lack of interaction with professors and fellow students. Unfortunately, Khan Academy cannot guarantee personal feedback for students because it is too time-consuming. However, they offer a good “compensation.” People can find a comment section on the platform, where anyone can participate in the discussion, ask a question of interest, and get an answer. Occasionally, Khan Academy staff will also answer these questions.

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