10 Free Text Editing Tools for Your iOS

10 Free Text Editing Tools for Your iOSText editor tools are not new in the tech world, but they have always been limited to desktops and laptops.

This has changed in the current years with the best text editors and writing tools being developed for smartphones.

Unlike text editor mac programs where it is hard to do your work while on the move, IOS text editors give you this freedom. You don’t need to buy them since most of these apps are free of charge.

When I installed one of the text editors, I didn’t see the need for the reasons to buy essays anymore.

Now I can work on my essay wherever I am; on a nature trail, in a bus home or at the café as I await my friends.

Top Text Editing Tools for IOS that Come at No Cost

Tech developers are always coming up with new programs and new devices that suit users’ needs. With a smartphone, you can write and edit a document easily. Proofreading and editing your essay papers becomes less of a challenge with such programs. Here are the top 10 text editing tools for IOS phones.

1. Microsoft Word

This happens to be the most famous app when it comes to text writing and editing.

Although it was initially developed by windows, versions have been created for other smartphone software, including IOS. It is the most popular writing tool in the market.

2. PlainText 2

From my personal experience, this app is amazing to use with its keyboard features.

On the downside, I noted that some buttons and commands were not clearly labeled, making it harder to save a document after working on it. Also, some buttons executed more than one command. The app has recently been acquired by a new developer who promises to make improvements to it.

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3. Nebulous Notes Lite

This is also a free app for iPhones and iPads, which makes text editing easier and faster. The app has all the basic text editing features, but it is ad-sponsored. You can pay to remove the ads if you don’t want them.

Nebulous Notes Lite has a well-designed and user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to work on. Its buttons are clearly labeled to ensure that you enjoy using it.

4. Simplenote

Among the free text editor tools for IOS, this was my favorite.

With this app, I had no reason whatsoever to buy essay assignments as it made my work good enough. The amazing feature I have found very useful on the app is the ease of fetching a document. You can integrate the app with both mac and windows browsers if you sign up for a Simplenote account.

5. Vim

This is also a fairly popular program for all different OS, including Linux, windows, and mac.

Vim IOS program is one of the top-rated software programs in the app store in the writing category. It comes with a command-line interface and a graphical interface for different users. This makes it suitable for editing program codes, as well as essay papers for students.

The app is free of charge to all iOS users and has the option of willingly donating funds for charity purposes.

6. TextWrangler

TextWrangler has earned a place among the top free apps in this category. It comes with a range of special features, including grep pattern matching, search and replace capability and spell-check tool. This makes the entire proofreading and error correction process in written documents easier and faster.

For coding, the app supports different coding languages and folds. Amazing, right?

7. Ulysses

This software is suitable for all kinds of writers, whether blog/ article writes or academic essayists. It has a focused writing experience that makes it unique and effective for any kind of writer. With this software, you can effectively manage your documents and easily export documents to other platforms and formats.

Its interface makes it easy to follow a document as it is distraction-free. Once you have drafted your essay papers, you can rely on Ulysses for the proofreading and editing.

8. JSitor Mobile

Although it can be used for general writing purposes, JSitor Mobile is more efficient for web developers and coders. For students trying to edit assignments and essay papers, this program is not very user-friendly.

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9.  Editor

If you own an IOS device, the editor is one of the best text editors you can get for free from the app store. The software supports different languages and can be used for both general text writing and coding.

One of its shortcomings is the fact that many users feel that its interface is not good enough.

10. SSuite Blue Velvet Editor

I haven’t used this program, but its ratings in the app store make me feel like doing so.

This is because it doesn’t require you to download additional plugins, plus it offers all the basic document writing functions. It is also compatible with both IOS and Android operating systems.


With such apps available to students for free, I can’t imagine a better time in history to be a student than now. These apps give you the chance to polish your essay papers before submitting them for marking and grading. The apps allow you to explore your full potential as a writer.

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